Comments on the Book

Okay, folks, I will officially retract my “kind words only” stipulation and open the floor to comments. As my husband said, “Any publicity is good publicity,” or something like that! I would like feedback as long as it’s not something that I totally have to revamp about the book.

Also, this book does eventually veer toward an adult book as we follow Aurora’s life and choices. At that point, I will probably stop posting and hope my book is published! So please become a “follower” and have your friends join it too. I really want to show publishers that people are interested in this! Thank you for all your support.


2 thoughts on “Comments on the Book

  1. Not the kind of book I would normally pick up and start reading, but I did since I know you, Heather. And I agree, it is hard to put down and very suspenseful. Hope you find a publisher. That would be awesome.

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